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  • Audrey Faller

Apples, Anyone?!

My brother has been coming up to boarding school, first Cushing and now Lawrence Academy, for the last two years. Do you know what has been the best part for me as the visiting sibling? The apple harvests in the Fall! Oh my goodness! The apples, the cider, the cider doughnuts, the pies - its a family favorite and I am quite the fan! The first farm we went to was Hollis Farms in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Each visit we tried out new farms in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I do not believe it is possible to pick out a favorite! This article made me smile and even gave me new places to suggest we try. We always try to get out and find local artisans, food, festivals and sites when we come up north. The apple season has given us many memories that we still laugh about. Well, there is nothing funny about a doughnut tummy-ache, but I am always willing to take one for the team!

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