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  • Audrey Faller

Food for Performance

I am constantly trying to maximize my athletic performance, not only for games, but for my personal fitness goals. There is so much information out there on what to eat and what not to eat that it gets confusing. This article came from a men's magazine, but its very thorough and informative for both male and female athletes. I have my own list of foods I avoid: sugary drinks and snacks, heavy meals, etc. This article seemed to affirm some of my choices and gave me new options to think about and incorporate into my diet. Its very hard to eat on the road and even sometimes at home pre-games. I found this article made me start thinking about the basics of what I need and how I can make sure eating is maximizing my performance and not hindering me from putting forward my best effort.

Nutrition is not always something that is stressed in training. We focus on what to practice, how to shape our bodies - but rarely does anyone sit down with amateur athletes and discuss, in my opinion, the foundation for success: food as fuel.

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