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  • Audrey Faller

I Can't Wait To Explore!

Coming north for boarding school has been a giant leap for me. I love my home state of Florida and being so far away is a challenge. The weather is different, the landscape is different, the food is similar but much heavier and the people talk completely different. Sports are important in both areas, but Floridians spend much more time doing individual sports outdoors. I welcome the change and the chance to learn more about New England. My experiences have been limited to hockey tournaments and games of both my brother's and myself. I am looking forward to visiting all around the region and learning about the history of the places I will be able to visit. I am looking forward to the beauty and the culture - because New England offers so much for me to explore! This article caught my eye and gives quite a few great trip ideas. Even if you are from the area, I think you might enjoy reading this article!

Boston, Massachusetts

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