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  • Audrey Faller

On the Sea With Me

I am a Florida girl born and raised. One would be forgiven if they were to think I was an avid beach enthusiast, but I am not. Being from Irish descent does not lead to a nice golden tan after laying hours in the sun - it leads to serious sunburn for me! My love is in the beauty of the sea and what I can do on it. I have an interest in kayaking, more specifically, sea kayaking. We have always lived on the water and I have always wanted to try it, but the surf was always just a bit too strong for me. Two years ago we moved away from the surf of the open Gulf of Mexico and onto the shores of Tampa Bay. The waters are much calmer and much more conducive to kayaking. The currents can still be very strong and we still get ocean waves, but they are much tamer than the open water.

I started kayaking with my brother. Its never a good idea to go out on the ocean alone and kayaking certainly isn't smart to do alone unless you are very experienced. I am not quite there, but I plan to be. I would like to have a solo kayak someday instead of a two person. I found this article while looking for ways to improve my performance. Its a great article to read and even though I am not a true beginner, I enjoyed it and will keep it for reference.

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