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  • Audrey Faller

Time Together

I love my time with my family and friends. I began to wonder if it was just me or if others got that good boost of happy feelings being around people they love and like. I am not. There are many studies that show relationships are important for our health and may even contribute to longer life.

Not everyone has family, but everyone has the ability to have relationships that are deep or even casual and shallow. Each relationship helps us. Relationships can be with family, friends, caretakers, animals/pets, teachers, employers, neighbors, etc. What matters is the satisfaction of interaction. Being in relationships helps us grow mentally and stay happier. We can choose the level of involvement, we can cherish the actual interactions or we can relive the memories we hold dear with relationships we care/cared about. It is important to stay active in life socially. Time alone can be rewarding, but time spent with others can deepen the meaning and enrich our lives.

This article from Harvard Health is affirming on this subject. It made me realize it is important to nourish the relationships in my life and to remind me to put effort into making them strong and happy.

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