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  • Audrey Faller

What Did You Have In Mind?

I started hearing people talk about mindfulness and instantly thought about my mother saying "mind your manners!" That isn't exactly what the modern definition is, but it can be part of it! I haven't really had much interest in yoga, meditation and mindfulness as it is defined today - but it is starting to piqué my interest a little. I think what I found not interesting is the stillness. I feel like my life is full of motion and commotion and maybe that's why I should have found an interest in slowing down just a bit. Currently, I am finding great interest in relaxing and unwinding my mind a little each day. It is nice to find focus and settle my thoughts after a whirlwind of events. I am starting to notice how important the little things in life are and how grateful I am for the smiles, the hugs, the hello's and the general awareness of how I am feeling and relating to the world.

I find that I don't always need to be in hyper-mode to get things done. It is okay to slow down and take in my environment, the sounds I hear and what I feel about them. I enjoy the time I have with my family and friends more when I feel in tune with what they are feeling and listening carefully to what they have to say.

This article is a good starter or refresher on what mindfulness actually is. We all have a different interpretation but this article points you in the right direction.

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